Civil Rights

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

(The Americans, Ch. 21, 23)


Main Ideas:

1.  The civil rights movement forced rights promised in the constitution to be delivered.

2.  Methods of civil disobedience and passive resistance were the most successful in achieving independence.

Material Covered:

1.  Jackie Robinson

2.  Brown 1954

3.  Beginnings of modern civil rights movement

                A.  Rosa Parks - Montgomery

                B.  Little Rock

                C.  Segregation - unconstitutional in public transportation

                D.  Sit-ins

                E.  Civil Rights Act of 1957

4.  Civil Rights Actions of the 1960’s

                A.  Meredith

                B.  King - March on Washington

                C. Medgar Evers

                D.  Black Pride Movement

                E.  NAACP - Urban League

                F.  SNCC (Student Non-violent Coordination Committee)

                G.  SCLC and CORE “Freedom Riders” - testing segregation laws

                H.  Black Muslims: Malcolm X - assassinated

                I.  Civil unrest - Watts, Kerner

                J.  King - assignation - 1968 riots

5.  Legislative action

                A.  Civil Rights Act

                B.  24 th Amendment

                C.  Voting Rights Act

                D.  Fair Housing Act

6. Civil Rights of Disabled

                A.  Background

                                1.)  Change of treatment

                B.  Kennedy

                                1.)  Council of Mental Retardation

                                2.)  Special Olympics (p.132)

7. Civil Rights for Women

                A.  Problems

                                1.)  equality in work

                                2.)  domestic abuse

                                3.)  government regulation of abortion

                B.  Kennedy Commission and Civil Rights Act

                C.  Now (1996- today)

                D.  Government Action

                                1. Equal Rights Amendment ( Failed )

                                2. Row v. Wade

8. Civil Rights for Hispanic Americans

9. Civil Rights for Native Americans

10. Civil Rights of the Accused

                A. Mapp v. Ohio ( 1961)

                B. Gedeon v. Wainright ( 1963)

                C. Miranda v. Arizona (1966)