Domestic Issues

Post-War Boom - New Frontier - Great Society (1946 - 1968)

(The Americans, Ch. 19, 20)


Main Ideas:

1.  Improved economy led to mass consumption and the growth of suburbia.

2.  Tensions between United States and Soviet Union increased during the 1960’s

3.  The federal government continued its growing involvement in the economy.

 Material Covered:

1.  Prosperity

            A.  Consumption

            B.  GI Bill implementation

            C.  Baby Boom : effect

2.  Migration

            A.  “Suburbanization”

                        1.  Auto-culture

                                    a.  Ike - Interstate Highway Act (1956)

            B.  Cities decline

3.  Culture 1950’s

            A.  TV

            B.  Elvis - “Rock and Roll”

            C.  Youth Movement

4.  Kennedy Foreign Policy

            A. Bay of Pigs

            B.  Berlin Wall

            C.  Missile Crisis

            D.  Laos and Vietnam

            E.  Latin America

            F.  Peace Corps

            G.  Moon Race

            H.  Nuclear Test Band (1963 - 1967)

5.  Assassination

            A.  Effect

            B.  Robert Kennedy

6.  Johnson and Great Society

            A.  Expanding Social Programs

                        1.  Vista

                        2.  Medicare

                        3.  Education

                        4.  Environmental Issues

            B.  Moon Landing (July 20, 1969)